Sunday, June 01, 2014

016 I am pleasantly shocked at Nizam's generocity

Topics for discussion: Nizam, Lal Bahadur Shastri, Defence of India, Hyderbad

Deccan Chronicle, 1st June 2014, Sunday Edition, Page No. 9, published an extract from a book titled: HYDERABAD IMAGES AND MEMORIES, Text by A.T. Jayanti, Hard Cover Rs. 2,000/- and soft cover Rs. 1,500, pp 160. Deccan Chronicle seems to be the publisher of the book.

D.C. gave the title THE RICH LEGACY OF NIZAMS to the excerpts. The excerpts contained some succulant anecdotal texts worth reading.

The book seems worth reading, particularly by the students, aficionados and connoisseurs of Indian History. It has great educational value. But for a 160 page book the price tag is very high, considering that printing and publication of photos have become very easy and that there is no need of manual composing or block making. I hope the author and publisher will endeavor to reduce the price and make it available to all the Indians. They can have a separate dollar price for exports.

If price is not reduced, there is also a danger of somebody scanning it and placing it on internet for free distribution, though it may be a piracy. If such persons reside in remote country with bizarre laws, it will be difficult to claim compensation. Better to maximise profit by following the economic text book principle of MR = MC. Rising the turnover by reducing price will equalise the MR with MC.

About Nizam's polygamy

The excerpts did not throw much light on the popular belief that Nizam had 3000 wives. Of course, the published photo is good.

About Princess Niloufer establishing the Niloufer Hospital for Women

The anecdote is very good. Though I lived in Hyderabad for about a decade, I could never hear the underlying story behind the Niloufer Hospital.

About Mr. Osman Ali Khan donating 5000 kgs. of gold to Defence of India Fund, when approached by Mr. Lal Bahadur Shastri in 1965.

I am delighted to read that a Nizam notorious for his stinginess donated 5 tons of gold to Defence of India. The info. is more delightful because the same Nizam was coerced through Police Action to join Indian Union by the Hard Taskmaster Sardar Vallabhai Patel, because Nizam became a hardnut to crack.

However, I am unable to guesstimate the circumstances which motivated Mr. Nizam to be so extra-ordinarily generous. Karl Marx said that most human relationships are financial, monetary and pecuniary. My mind tried to contemplate on what Late Nizam was expecting from the Government of India to reward him for the extra-ordinarily huge donation. I do not expect Late Nizam to be influenced by Bhagavad Gita which tries to convince people to perform their karmas self-lessly and surrender all the fruits of their actions to the Supreme God. My ugly mind and Marxist thinking say that there might have been some real hidden motive behind it.

(To revise this post, if there are objections from readers).

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

015 India should maintain equidistance from Israel and Islamic World

Wikileaks indicate that there were international emails of intelligence exchange which mention that India is the largest client for Israel and that India was a part of the India-Russia-Turkey-SaudiArabia axis which attacked Syria.

The first part of India being the largest client of Israel appears to be true. The second part of India being a part of an axis attacking Syria appears untrue.

India, as envisaged by its 2013 Defence Minister Mr. A.K. Anthony, should try to become self-sufficient in building strategic arms and reduce weapons procurement abroad which is leading to allegations of corruption.

I personally believe that India can never be part of military axis(es), for whatever reason they form and operate. It is high-time that Ministry of External Affairs and, the Ministry of Defence, in India should confirm this non-alignment in clear terms.

Friday, November 09, 2012

014 Mr. girIsh karnAD's criticism of rabIndranAth TAgOre

Mr. girIsh karnAD, noted playwright from India, it is reported, has marked the 1913 Nobel Laureate of Literature from India, Rabindranath Tagore as a 'great poet, but second rate playwright'. Date: 9th Nov. 2012. Context: A conversation with reporters at Bengaluru, India. Said to be other quotes from him on the day: Rabindranath Tagore wrote mediocre plays. He produced his plays, but his plays were never produced by his contemporaries. Contemporary Bengali theatre never accepted them. Because he is second rate. What else should one call him?. The poor people in his plays are really cardboard characters. They have no passion and anguish at all.

ybrems (observations of this blogger).

The adjective 'second rate' is too abstract and subjective.
We should appreciate the forthrightness of Mr. karnAD, though we may not agree with his views.
It is very difficult, when a person criticises, to estimate whether he is making it out of genuine concern or for some publicity. This difficulty level will increase when the critic belongs to the same genre (in the same profession, requiring to share the pie of fame) as the target of the criticism. Critics of critics may say that the particular criticism was born out of 'envy'.
I am not a playwright, not at least now. I have no plans to write plays. I read some of the plays of Tagore. I, sometimes, felt that Tagore's writings received a degree/quantity of publicity than his writings deserved. Again, this word 'deserved' is an abstract and subjective word.
A rich playwright may be able to get his plays enacted on stage, somewhere or other. A poor writer cannot get as many opportunities.
It is worthwhile, to examine the 21st Century Indian Theatre Scenario. The karnATaka and mahArAshTra theatres may be somewhat alive. Andhra Pradesh State which has 80 million population, does not have much of a theatre today. Current dramas are enacted live on the streets, by the political players. We rarely see plays being enacted on theatre stages. I live in a city of a million population. We find that very rarely social dramas are staged even 'free of ticket' (not to speak of paid plays).
This atrophy of Telugu stage plays (probably stage plays of all languages all over India, with the exception of kannaDa and marAThi, may be owing to spiralling theatre rents, rents/prices of costumes and curtains, publicity etc.
We now do not have rich landlords, businessmen and industrialists, who will be prepared to write plays or arrange their enactments on stage. Those who have the moolah will now invest in gigantic budget films.
Not that the film industry is gloriously floushing. All over India, at least 90% of films produced every year end up as flops. The producers recover their investments by releasing films in hundreds/thousands of theatres and charge high prices on the first week tickets.
Let us see the friction going on between Shah Rukh Khan and Ajay Devgan fighting out for theatres during the festive season. It appears that Mr. Ajay Devgan could not hire as many theaters as the distributors of the SRK's film. Here, the maxim is very clear: Money-Might is the Right.
If some contemporary small budget producer / director make a low budget film and then end up as a damp squib, should we say that our contemporary society has not accepted the films owing to the fault of the low budget art film producers/directors?
Acceptance by society (in case of politics: voters) cannot be a parameter for measuring the quality/merit/success of art-works.
Hundreds of factors determine the fate of art-works, be they plays or films or something else.

Sunday, April 08, 2012

013 Dark days are ahead in West Bengal

Dark days are ahead for the people of West Bengal

State of Bengal was used to be a cradle of Indian political thought during the British rule. There used to be a saying that what Bengal thinks today, India will think tomorrow.

With the shift of Capital of Undivided India from Calcutta to New Delhi, the political thought seemed to have shifted to North India.

The States of Kerala and West Bengal have, after independence seems to have preferred the leftist path. Other States were expected to follow suit, as per the above saying, but it didn't happen owing to the split of the Communist Party of India, in 1962.

The Communist Parties forming Governments in two densely populated States did not help the cause of Indian Communism, in any manner. This is because of many reasons. We can make particular mention of two reasons:

1. State Governments in India do not have required Constitutional and Statutory powers to usher in radical changes for bringing in a Marxist/Communist/fully socialist society. For example, they cannot remove private property. They cannot remove right of inheritance.

2. State Governments in India do not have the necessary financial strength to undertake the responsibilities which a truly Communist/Marxist/Socialist society and governance demands.

The adage 'power corrupts' has proven itself to be true. The CPM and its allies had to step down after nearly 40 years of rule of mixed results. Their performance was similar to the performance of other States of India which had/have bourgeoisie Governments. Neither better, nor worse. This is because Indian voters are controlled by village heads, caste-heads, landlords and other opinion leaders. The village heads et al in Bengal and Kerala cannot be different from the village heads et al in other States. Consequently, the CPM Govt. was as bourgeoisie as any other right or middle wing Government.

Bengal is a top densely-populated State.
Kolkata is an ailing City. Land is scarce not only for industry, but even for farming. At this critical juncture, CPM in Bengal made a Himalayan blunder of acquiring agricultural land from small and marginal farmers and handing over to TaTas for Nano car-making. Mamta Banerjee, seized the opportunity to flare up the already existing discontent of the people against the CPM, took the issues to streets and generated violent upheavals.

Mamata Banerjee got her life's desire fulfilled. She should have been satisfied with that.

She is now meddling with the History syllabus of the classes X and XII in schools. The new Govt. has ordered removal of Marx and Communism from school history text books.

She is foolish.

Every school text book says 'satyamEva jayatE'. Meaning: Truth alone triumphs. This is the official emblem of Government of India. Is there now, at least one Indian, who does not tell lies today? If students are going to mould their personality just by reading school books, India would have either been a total heaven or a total hell. India is a madhouse today. But this is a smaller madhouse within a larger madhouse called the 'world'. Every step of every citizen in this world is dictated by one small piece of paper i.e. the currency note.

In these circumstances, what would have been the harm even if the students of X Standard and XII standard, learn a little about two unpopular theories called 'Communism' and 'Marx'?

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Is the Government of India or somebody blocking the Readers from viewing Blogspot

I occasionally get a feeling that the Government of India or some body else is blocking the Readers in India from seeing

Today is, for me, one of such durdinas (Sanskrit word for a bad day, particularly for that day which extremely clouded, dark and unsuitable for doing any work in those days when there was no electricity.

My experience today: I can post and update at blogger, because I get the Edit windows. But I cannot see, because it refuses to load.

This, probably my non-Indian readers from outside India can read. But I cannot myself read.

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Time for male slutwalks also

Hitherto we know catwalks and sleepwalks. We do not have much idea about slut-walks. Here are some questions and answers.

What is slut?

The word 'slut' according to artha -the Open Thesaurus means:
1. a dirty untidy woman
; 2. a woman adulterer.
What are slutwalks

Walks by women with 'fishnet tight garments wearing shorts and high heels'. The idea seems to be to provoke men.

What is new in them? They already exist in fashion shows on ramps. These ramp shows have already spread even to smaller towns.

The ramp-shows take place hitherto for business purposes. Slutwalks seem to have more of a feminist objective than business objective. The fair-sex may want to demonstrate its strength as a class. It may want to prove its prerogative to wear any dress of its choice. The fair-sex may be desirous of recording its strong protest.

Why should they want to protest?

They may not like men passing value judgements on their dresses. It may be their view that they should be left to themselves on choosing what to wear. They do not want police and judges to remark that rapists have been provoked by the sluttish dresses worn by the victims.

Is there any real cause-and-effect relationship between victims wearing semi-nude dresses and the rapists getting aroused?

This is a question fit to be answered by the medical profession rather than the journalists, judges, lawyers or the police.

We already have the theory of the 'pheromones'.
Pheromone's definition according to 'artha- Open Thesaurus':
a chemical substance secreted externally by some animals (especially insects) that influences the physiology or behavior of other animals of the same species.

Pheromones seem to have their strong presence in human sweat also, particularly that oozes from arm pits. European and American Markets are already flooded with pheromone colognes and perfumes.

We have another theory of male and female menstrual cycles. The intensity of arousals and erections may vary between the periods.

Can every rapist take the defence of his being provoked by the sluttish dresses and the pheromone secretions?

A person, whether male or female, is supposed to have control over his physical organs and emotions. A person has to exercise utmost self-restraint, howsoever sluttish and vulgar the provoker may be. But, this self-restraint will definitely be extremely difficult for youth in teens and twenties.

Persons of all ages may find the mental restraint as very difficult, whereas the physical restraint becomes unmanageable in teenagers.

There are indications that Mahatma Gandhi, the Indian Freedom Struggle Leader, slept with nude girls on his bedside, with the ostensible object of testing his self-restraint. Of course, the concerned girls did not mind it.

Why do you advocate male slutwalks?

Equality must mean perfect equality. Men too have a right to be sluttish, if women enjoy that right.

Can men really provoke women? Should men show just arm pits? Or should they wear fish-nets over their loins with proof of their penis-power?

Here a verse of Rig Veda will help:

Rig Veda Book 10, Chapter 86, Verse 16:

na seeSee yasyarambatd`ntaraaskruthyaakaprut
seediiSee yasya roomas`annisheedushoo vijrumbhatee.
vis`vasmaadindra uttaraha.

Approximate English Gist
O Indra ! A person whose penis hangs down between his thighs, does not have the ability to copulate.
The person whose penis is capable of opening the hairy vagina, he alone is good for intercourse.
My Indra is better than the entire world.

Women, fortunately do not face these problems of hanging and erecting. Humans were hermaphrodite in the early ages of our evolution. I presume that, consequently , they could understand the problems of one another.

Males and females of the human species are now separate. They cannot empathise with one another, when there are provocations from male chauvinists and the feminists.

Medical Researches have to find solutions for all these problems particularly those which arise from bigotry, chauvinism, extremisms, fanatisms, grundyisms and promiscuousnesses.

The male and female slutwalks can, in the mean time, go on in adjacent halls with at least nine types of crowds:

--male slutwalkers viewed by female virginists;
--male slutwalkers viewed by female sluts;
--male slutwalkers viewed by a combined crowd of female sluts and female virginists;
--male slutwalkers viewed by male celibates;
--male slutwalkers viewed by male sluts;
--male slutwalkers viewed by a combined crowd of male sluts and male celibates;
--two file march of male and female slutwalkers viewed by female virginists only;
--two file march of male and female slutwalkers viewed by female sluts only;
--two file march of male and female slutwalkers viewed by a combined crowd of male and female sluts and male and female celibates and virginists.

Exhibitionism can have no limits.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

What does familiarity mean?

Ms. Liza Malik according to her website is full of charm, elegance, energy and poise. Sincerity is her success and it leads her to greater horizons. She claims that big screening is beckoning her.

OK. Welcome.

The newspaper "The New Indian Express" reported in its issue dated 10th May 2011, her claim of being called by a UK-based bookie calling himself to be Razaaq aka-Razz. According to her, she was being asked to use her alleged familiarity with Indian players to help him fix IPL-IV games while offering her Rupees 50 lakh (5 million) for the job.

What could be this "alleged familiarity with the Indian players?" How many Indian players are familiar with her? Why foreign players do not have alleged familiarity with her?

Millions of Indians adore Indian cricketers and even foreign cricketers. If Ms. Liza Malik didn't oblige the bookie some other item girl who has a similar 'alleged familiarity' might have obliged the bookie.

Will this "alleged familiarity" explain the collapse of several teams on the field for no noteworthy reasons?

Are the Indian cricket-lovers being taken for a ride?
Or is Ms. Malik trying to gain cheap popularity?
IPL will not bother to investigate.
Will the Government of India care to investigate?
Or should the Indian Cricket continue to be devoured by the vultures of all sorts, apart from bookies?

Thursday, October 08, 2009


Here is a quote from a book titled "Across the Himalayan Gap" edited by Tan Chung, and a memoir by Mr. V.V. Paranjapee available on the website of Indira Gandhi National Centre for Arts (IGNCA).

How to Understand China- BY V.V. PARANJAPE

"...Nehru had put me in charge of the banquet arrangements, and it was decided to have a proper Chinese banquet with nearly fifteen courses. Since the Chinese guests were not teetotallers, t thought it would be appropriate to serve liquor, but the Indian government practice forbade it and Prime Minister Nehru himself disapproved of it. The then Indian Ambassador Raghavan did not dare raise the subject with the Prime Minister. However Mrs. Indira Gandhi agreed with me that alcohol should be served, and Nehru had such a soft corner for his daughter that it meant hall the battle was won! Through a very delicate manoeuvre, we got him to agree to serve drinks-but only mild ones like sherry. So, we sewed Chinese Yellow wine at all tables. ..."

*I greatly appreciate Nehru's reluctance to serve alcohol in banquets.

Thursday, December 20, 2007


Today, I stumbled upon a masterpiece on BURNING BOOKS by Mr. John Hutnyk London, Valeyeti. Below is the link:

The blog is about burning books in France. It provided a thoughtful reading for me, though I am not aware of what has actually happened with regard to the burning of the library at Villiers Le Bel, Paris, France.

Here at home (India), we have the instance of burning the Bhandarkar Library, at Pune,India, by some.

I also wish that Mr. John Hutnyk will write about threatening of authors or thrashing them up, as has recently happened to Ms. Taslima Nasreen, the Bangla Desh writer.

Anyway, my greatest appreciation to Mr. Huthyk.

Saturday, December 01, 2007


I sympathize with Ms. Taslima Nasreen. She has done a good thing by agreeing to delete some offending portions from her book. In the present context of all-round violent environment in India, she has done a sensible thing.

I compare this to the act of Mahatma Gandhi, who withdrew the Non-Co-operation Movement in 1922, after the Chowri Chowra Incident which turned violent.

I view like this. Mount Everest cannot be climbed in one go. It may need several attempts. Sometimes, the climber has to temporarily withdraw.

*What is the use? The Indian Government refused to shelter her. India could shelter Dalai Lama who takes up political campaigns, but not Tasleema Nasreen. Why?