Tuesday, February 12, 2019


Here is a 10 Multiple Choice Question Test on your favorite subject. These questions can be answered online, and score can be checked by clicking `getscore` button at the top of the questions or at the bottom of the questions. There are minus marks of 0.5 (half mark) for each wrong answer. If any questions are left out, there will be no change in score. Answers for each question can also be checked by moving your mouse on the word `mouse` at the end of each question. You can try and retry any number of times.

You will get your scoresheet here

1: Astronomy - which of following is NOT true about Ursa Major?:
5232 a`outside Zodiac b`southern constellation c`helped sailors d`also called big bear --mouse here to see answers.

2: Nobel Prize in Economics - started in
20568 a`1901 b`1936 c`1957 d`1967 --mouse here to see answers.

9546 a`prominent breast bone b`weak breast bone c`porous breast bone d`obscure manubrium --mouse here to see answers.

16583 a`Aberdeen b`Jerusalem c`Mecca d`Lhasa --mouse here to see answers.

5: BANKING: RbI has rejected an application for a Banking licence. The rejection will be valid only if its decision is based on
122 a`germane considerations b`extraneous considerations c`perverse considerations d`all --mouse here to see answers.

6: Rural Infrastructure Development Fund (RIDF)- maintained by:
366 a`RBI b`NABARD c`SIDBI d`LIC --mouse here to see answers.

7: ANATOMY and HEALTH - WIDAL TESTS can diagnose:
15054 a`Malaria b`Typhoid c`Cholera d`Yellow fever --mouse here to see answers.

8: GENETICS - AUTOSOMAL RECESSIVE INHERITED DISORDER - to inherit disease, a child must get a copy of defective gene from
17698 a`only far b`only mor c`both parents d`both parents or grand parents --mouse here to see answers.

140 a`pep pill b`street drug c`bennie d`all --mouse here to see answers.

10: PHYSIOLOGY - STOMACH PARIETAL CELLS make substances to absorb
20927 a`vitamin A b`vitamin B12 c`vitamin C d`vitamin D --mouse here to see answers.

Sunday, December 30, 2018

021 Muses on News Reports / Scrolls

World is moving very fast, with the exception of some countries in Africa and South America. India's progress is magnified by its Governments, Political Parties, Media and many Nationalist fanatics. India's Growth, mostly is a result of uncontrolled demand from its 1.3 billion Citizens, who have been brainwashed and meta-morphed by the Capitalist World, and the Greedy MNCs who know nothing except exploiting Countries with gullible populations and Corrupt Bureaucracies and Rulers. In the Labyrinthine Lanes and Mazes of Capitalist Marketing Propaganda, Indians have lost themselves into loss of self-consciousness. Hence, some Loud thinking has become necessary, first to know where we are in these Wonderlands. While searching for Truth, like the Proverbial Onion's layers when peeled leave nothing, Growth of India too seems to me a Hallucination.

Thanks to DeccanChronicle.com, for the News Reports in the Left column below. On the Right side, are my musings.

Link to Relative News Report and its headline / or a quote from itcomments of ybrao a donkey, not intended to be imposed on others
On day 17, only 3 helmets recovered, no sign of trapped Meghalaya miners Politicians will be flown abroad for treatment, by Governments in India. Miners, are they politicians?
5 Bengaluru medical students arrested for ragging Dalit junior Medical Students are supposed to be intellectual cream of society. Our Leaders, Stars, Cricketers set examples to them.
Puducherry CM accuses NDA of misusing CBI Too late, a reaction.
3 flights narrowly escape mid-air collision over Delhi, pilots summoned Have they been tested for alcohol, using breath analysers?
Naqvi calls for educational empowerment of weaker sections He should call for intellectual empowerment of his own Party Members.
BJP in UP insulting weaker sections of society, says NDA ally Apna Dal If BJP insults Powerful sections, it will boomerang.
Rs 2,021 crore spent on PM Modi's foreign travel since 2014: Centre Our PMs should aim at a Foreign Travel Expenses growth rate of 20% p.a.
Haryana Police gets Govt's nod to investigate land deal case against Hooda, Vadra Could have waited upto June 2019.
Bulandshahr violence: BJP MLA claims cop shot himself after he became hopeless Else, the BJP MLA might have shot the cop.
Bangladesh intensifies security as Hasina seeks re-election on Sunday An incurable VIP phobia and mania for security.
Watch: Video shows Musharraf seeking 'covert US support' to regain power
Girls at Delhi shelter home abused by staff, chilli powder in private parts Govts. may want abusive staff to use modern technology.
Bihar Govt collects 38 pc more tax than last year: Sushil Modi Enough??
Ahead of 2019 polls, RLSP VP Bhagwan Singh Kushwaha, supporters join JD(U) Like crows hopping from one tree to another tree.
Train 18 to have another trial run today between New Delhi and Prayagraj Train 18 will become fastest Medium to reach non-existent God.
There is no role of religion in government, says Smriti Irani She may have lost her 'Smriti' (Memory).
Nirav Modi located in UK, British authorities inform India: Govt GOB or GOI might have already told him to flee.
NASA spaceship closes in on distant world Now, NASA can start building a wall, to prevent migrants.
  Jio Happy New Year Offer returns with 100 pc cashback on Rs 399 recharge Do they want to become Monopolyists?
  Stop party- dressing your food: Good looking food may be bad for your heart Do the Party-eaters have hearts?
  New Year 2019: Here are weekender plans to make most out of your upcoming vacation so that you can reach your abyss in the First Week itself.
  Here's why losing loved one can really break your heart Time will heal even the deepest scars.
  Mercedes-Benz C-Class petrol goes on sale; priced at Rs 43.46 lakh Will KCR / Chandra Babu Naidu give it free, if we have white cards?
  Here are 5 quick hangover remedies People want more re-hangovers.
  Aww! YouTube does an Oopsie, lifts YouTuber’s video without credit This is a Capitalist World. What is yours? What is theirs?
As ‘regionals’ rise, our democracy is stronger. Article by Shri Parsa Venkateswara Rao. It is that time when alliances are re-alliances are being reworked. Dialectic Materialism?
Zahid Hussain The ordeal for the Sharifs is far from over with other members of the family too in the dock.
Nilanjan Mukhopadhyay
The defeat of the BJP in the Lok Sabha byelection in Kairana convinced the Opposition parties that alliance formation was the way ahead.A dog's tail can never be straightened.
Hyderabad: Financial crisis turns boxer into chain snatcher Even Prime Ministers and Finance Ministers can become snatchers. Snatchers of what ...?
Tirupati: Tirumala ready for 'Vaikunta Ekadasi' A carnival to Governors and VIPS.
Photos: Simmba star Ranveer Singh visits Mumbai theatres to meet his fans Else fans will visit his House.
Swear on son, will waive off loans: H D Kumaraswamy Including loans of Absentee Landlords.
DMK ex-MLA gets 10 years RI for rape, murder Why didn't he join Anna DMK? J Jayalalithaa death: Panel summons UK doc, O Panneerselvam, health minister
Tamil Nadu schools force 28,000 students out for flunking plus-1 Solution worse than problem.
Hyderabad: Man tries to kill daughter over affair with Muslim History repeats.
Woman accuses Kilpauk Medical College of transfusing HIV infected blood Forboding of things to come. Pure blood will not be available.
Petta movie trailer: Superstar Rajinikanth is back to charm the audience! Will the charm be adequate to garner votes?
Suhana Khan to undergo acting training in US! Or at least marry somebody, in U.S.?
Tale of two skippers: King Kohli soars, captain Smith plummets What do bookies say?
Clarke hails Jasprit Bumrah, tips him to become no.1 bowler in all three formats Considering his current form, Bumrah seems to deserve some glory.
Dry january can benefit you in many ways, says study Next goal is to be Dry 2019. Exercise can be another way of lowering blood pressure than medication
Rajinikanth with Dhanush enjoying Christmas in NY Can't he enjoy in TN?

Tuesday, November 06, 2018

020 World Top 10 Forex Reserve Countries

India seems to have been struck up in a Foreign Investment Trap. Though India is the 9th or the 10th Ranking country in terms of accumulated Forex Reserves, India seems to be riding a Tiger, from which it cannot alight and safeguard itself.

Question: Why do you consider that India is riding a Tiger?

Ans: Whenever there are some rumors about changing International Business or Political Environment, such as changes in Crude Prices, immediately, the Foreign Investments into India turn volatile. Foreign Investors start withdrawing as though there are going to be some series of earthquakes.

To continue adding / deleting / modifying.