Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Time for male slutwalks also

Hitherto we know catwalks and sleepwalks. We do not have much idea about slut-walks. Here are some questions and answers.

What is slut?

The word 'slut' according to artha -the Open Thesaurus means:
1. a dirty untidy woman
; 2. a woman adulterer.
What are slutwalks

Walks by women with 'fishnet tight garments wearing shorts and high heels'. The idea seems to be to provoke men.

What is new in them? They already exist in fashion shows on ramps. These ramp shows have already spread even to smaller towns.

The ramp-shows take place hitherto for business purposes. Slutwalks seem to have more of a feminist objective than business objective. The fair-sex may want to demonstrate its strength as a class. It may want to prove its prerogative to wear any dress of its choice. The fair-sex may be desirous of recording its strong protest.

Why should they want to protest?

They may not like men passing value judgements on their dresses. It may be their view that they should be left to themselves on choosing what to wear. They do not want police and judges to remark that rapists have been provoked by the sluttish dresses worn by the victims.

Is there any real cause-and-effect relationship between victims wearing semi-nude dresses and the rapists getting aroused?

This is a question fit to be answered by the medical profession rather than the journalists, judges, lawyers or the police.

We already have the theory of the 'pheromones'.
Pheromone's definition according to 'artha- Open Thesaurus':
a chemical substance secreted externally by some animals (especially insects) that influences the physiology or behavior of other animals of the same species.

Pheromones seem to have their strong presence in human sweat also, particularly that oozes from arm pits. European and American Markets are already flooded with pheromone colognes and perfumes.

We have another theory of male and female menstrual cycles. The intensity of arousals and erections may vary between the periods.

Can every rapist take the defence of his being provoked by the sluttish dresses and the pheromone secretions?

A person, whether male or female, is supposed to have control over his physical organs and emotions. A person has to exercise utmost self-restraint, howsoever sluttish and vulgar the provoker may be. But, this self-restraint will definitely be extremely difficult for youth in teens and twenties.

Persons of all ages may find the mental restraint as very difficult, whereas the physical restraint becomes unmanageable in teenagers.

There are indications that Mahatma Gandhi, the Indian Freedom Struggle Leader, slept with nude girls on his bedside, with the ostensible object of testing his self-restraint. Of course, the concerned girls did not mind it.

Why do you advocate male slutwalks?

Equality must mean perfect equality. Men too have a right to be sluttish, if women enjoy that right.

Can men really provoke women? Should men show just arm pits? Or should they wear fish-nets over their loins with proof of their penis-power?

Here a verse of Rig Veda will help:

Rig Veda Book 10, Chapter 86, Verse 16:

na seeSee yasyarambatd`ntaraaskruthyaakaprut
seediiSee yasya roomas`annisheedushoo vijrumbhatee.
vis`vasmaadindra uttaraha.

Approximate English Gist
O Indra ! A person whose penis hangs down between his thighs, does not have the ability to copulate.
The person whose penis is capable of opening the hairy vagina, he alone is good for intercourse.
My Indra is better than the entire world.

Women, fortunately do not face these problems of hanging and erecting. Humans were hermaphrodite in the early ages of our evolution. I presume that, consequently , they could understand the problems of one another.

Males and females of the human species are now separate. They cannot empathise with one another, when there are provocations from male chauvinists and the feminists.

Medical Researches have to find solutions for all these problems particularly those which arise from bigotry, chauvinism, extremisms, fanatisms, grundyisms and promiscuousnesses.

The male and female slutwalks can, in the mean time, go on in adjacent halls with at least nine types of crowds:

--male slutwalkers viewed by female virginists;
--male slutwalkers viewed by female sluts;
--male slutwalkers viewed by a combined crowd of female sluts and female virginists;
--male slutwalkers viewed by male celibates;
--male slutwalkers viewed by male sluts;
--male slutwalkers viewed by a combined crowd of male sluts and male celibates;
--two file march of male and female slutwalkers viewed by female virginists only;
--two file march of male and female slutwalkers viewed by female sluts only;
--two file march of male and female slutwalkers viewed by a combined crowd of male and female sluts and male and female celibates and virginists.

Exhibitionism can have no limits.