Tuesday, May 10, 2011

What does familiarity mean?

Ms. Liza Malik according to her website is full of charm, elegance, energy and poise. Sincerity is her success and it leads her to greater horizons. She claims that big screening is beckoning her.

OK. Welcome.

The newspaper "The New Indian Express" reported in its issue dated 10th May 2011, her claim of being called by a UK-based bookie calling himself to be Razaaq aka-Razz. According to her, she was being asked to use her alleged familiarity with Indian players to help him fix IPL-IV games while offering her Rupees 50 lakh (5 million) for the job.

What could be this "alleged familiarity with the Indian players?" How many Indian players are familiar with her? Why foreign players do not have alleged familiarity with her?

Millions of Indians adore Indian cricketers and even foreign cricketers. If Ms. Liza Malik didn't oblige the bookie some other item girl who has a similar 'alleged familiarity' might have obliged the bookie.

Will this "alleged familiarity" explain the collapse of several teams on the field for no noteworthy reasons?

Are the Indian cricket-lovers being taken for a ride?
Or is Ms. Malik trying to gain cheap popularity?
IPL will not bother to investigate.
Will the Government of India care to investigate?
Or should the Indian Cricket continue to be devoured by the vultures of all sorts, apart from bookies?